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Content is Power.

Words. How we take them for granted, but how they influence our everyday lives!

In the right hands, words can sell. Products. Services. Ideas.

But in the wrong hands?
For a start, say goodbye to Return On Investment!
You expend plenty of money and effort on your website, and it looks great. It's easy for visitors to find their way around, the coding is solid and stable, all the graphics have been optimized so it loads easily. An impressive piece of work - well, almost.
You're getting some visits, but very few responses and what's worse, no orders!

Could it be your copy?

  • What you say and how you say it can make or break a website.
  • And surfers can be an impatient lot.
  • Too much text, and they're gone.
  • Too little text, and they're gone.
  • Not the right text, and they're gone.
  • Gone, gone, gone!

At, the Wordmeister is in!
Not all Web Designers have the qualifications to compose good copy. In fact, most insist that clients create their own copy and even submit it to them in a digital format.
But what is a client to do if s/he doesn't have the requisite writing skills? has the solution.
With our extensive background in technical writing, sales, marketing, small business ownership and corporate administration, is no slouch in the words department.

Whether you want to upgrade your present website or have us build you an entirely new one, our in-house copywriter will make sure your message comes across - loud and clear!

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